Thursday, December 4, 2008

Top 3 Secrets of a Medical Reiki Master

Top 3 Secrets of a Medical Reiki Master:

A Conversation with Pamela Miles

At The Reiki Dojo in New York

Saturday, December 13, 2008
2:30-4 p.m.

You've probably heard that Reiki is being used with increasing frequency in hospitals and other medical settings. You may have thought about practicing medical Reiki yourself. Or you may be a health-care professional who'd like to offer Reiki to patients. Even if you'd rather stay out of hospitals, you may want to receive referrals from physicians and other conventional health care professionals, or you may find yourself called upon to help a friend or loved one.

Medical Reiki expert Pamela Miles, author of REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, has worked for decades to serve as a bridge between the medical culture and alternative medicine. Pamela has practiced Reiki in the operating room with Dr. Mehmet Oz, taught medical Reiki classes in the U.S. and beyond, and is the founder of I*ACT, the Institute for the Advancement of Complementary Therapies.

Pamela will be joining us at The Reiki Dojo in New York on Saturday, December 13, 2008, for an enlightening conversation about what she has learned in practicing Reiki alongside doctors and nurses and training them to practice Reiki, and what you need to know to work effectively in the medical culture.

The Reiki Dojo is dedicated to the study and practice of traditional Japanese Reiki. We are located at the Classical Wellness Center, 214 W. 29th St. (between 7th and 8th avenues), Suite 901. For more information, contact us at: 

$30 in advance $35 at the door

Spaces are limited!


Rev. Lynn said...

Are there many medical professionals who are really open to Reiki?

Thomas said...

Reiki is one of the spiritual practices that have been successfully coupled to scientific researches. That's why its application had been widespread in hospitals across the world.

Another scientifically explained spiritual practice is Thetahealing. Thhe ability of Thetahealing to cure is scientifically explained by the presence of Theta waves. Such waves enables the body to be in trance and achieve a mending state. Hence, Thetahealing enables the body to recover from illnesses as worst as cancer.

Very informative post. Thanks!